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14th-18th August 2019


14th-18th August 2019.

This year, Pushing Boarders travels to Malmö, Sweden, to join together with the annual Skate Malmö Street event, the Kristianstad Museum’s Skate! 2019 exhibition and the Smörgåsboard Film Festival.

All events are free and open to the public.

Each day begins with panel discussions about topics surrounding skateboarding culture, followed by skate events, exhibitions and film screenings held at different venues around the city.

Presented by:

Skate Malmö Street, Pushing Boarders, Skate! 2019, Smörgåsboard Film Festival

Talks hosted at:

Moriskan (Folkets Park) & Bryggeriet Skatepark

Photography by: Nils Svensson, Alexander Olivera, Emil Olsson & Sarah Meurle.


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What's On

Panel discussions in the morning, skate sessions in the afternoon — plus much more…

Weds 14th Aug / 17:00 - 20:00 / Launch Event / Moriskan, Folkets Park

Pushing Boarders Launch Event

Skate! 2019 Exhibition

Smörgåsboard Film Festival: curated by 7Hills

Skate Malmö Street Sessions

+ Academic Forum at Bryggeriet Skatepark (hosted by Re-verb Skateboarding

Thurs 15th Aug / 10:00 - 16:30 / Q&A discussions / Bryggeriet Skatepark

Pushing Boarders Opening: You Can Talk To Me

Skate & Educate: From Classrooms to Communities

University of Skate: Support Your Local Academic

Globally Stoked: Grass-Roots Skateboarding Sponsored by the Skateroom

+ Smörgåsboard Film Festival: curated by Oyuki Matsumoto

+ Pig Barrier Jam hosted by Skate Malmö Street

Fri 16th Aug / 10:00 - 14:00 / Q&A discussions / Moriskan, Folkets Park

Editor’s Note: Brutally Honest Skate Journalism

Rage Against the Gaze: Prejudice and Allyship in Skateboarding

+ Anything at All at Spegeln Cinema (hosted by Kyle Beachy)

+ Smörgåsboard Film Festival: curated by the Skate Witches

+ Maritime Museum Jam hosted by Skate Malmö Street

Sat 17th Aug / 10:00 - 16:00 / Q&A discussions / Moriskan, Folkets Park

Sacred Spots: Defining Heritage in Skate Culture

The Revolution Will Not Be Patronised

Bad Design is a Crime: Skate Friendly Cities

+ Smörgåsboard Film Festival: curated by Skate Nation

+ Rosengård Back to School Jam hosted by Skate Malmö Street

Sun 18th Aug / 10:00 - 14:00 / Q&A discussions / Bryggeriet Skatepark

Tech Will Save Us

Stay Core Stay Poor

+ Smörgåsboard Film Festival: curated by Nikola Racan

+ Svampen skate session hosted by Skate Malmö Street


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Pushing Boarders is a not-for-profit event run entirely by volunteers. We appreciate your patience whilst we get back to you : )

Address Bryggeriet: Ystadvägen 44, 214 45 Malmö

Address Moriskan: Norra Parkgatan 2, 214 22 Malmö