Pushing Boarders Travel Scholarship

One of the aims of Pushing Boarders has been bringing together the most and least heard voices in skateboarding. And the true value of Pushing Boarders lies in this coming together of skateboarders, charities, activists, and academics from all around the world—to share their experiences and their ideas; to learn from each other and form new collaborations.

The scope of Pushing Boarders has grown since the inaugural event last year and we want to keep it as open and accessible as possible. To work towards this we have set up a travel scholarship that helps try to make sure that each panel discussion includes voices from the grassroots of skateboarding — this means offering financial help to those who should participate in the event but otherwise wouldn't be able to come.

The travel scholarship helps support skateboarders who are working to develop their local skate-scenes, running after-school clubs, building skateparks and building communities. It aims to bring together the widest possible spectrum of perspectives and backgrounds; and helps contribute to an inclusive, inspiring and empowering future for skateboarding, embracing the significance of accessibility and equal opportunity for all.

This year’s Travel Scholarship is generously supported by Vans.

Illustration by Lizzie Heath

Illustration by Lizzie Heath