Mental Health


The topic of mental health runs through all of the panel themes being discussed at Pushing Boarders Malmö, as well as our experiences of skateboarding, so this year we are asking for voluntary donations when you sign up for your tickets to Pushing Boarders Malmö.

Donations from Pushing Boarders will be shared evenly between suicide prevention campaigns in the UK and Sweden. If you would prefer to donate to an organisation supporting work on mental health in your own country instead we fully support that too.

In the lead up to the event in Malmö we will be updating this page with various resources on skateboarding and mental health. If you would like to contribute something please get in touch via

If you are struggling, please know that help is available and check out the following resources:

UK: Grassroots Suicide Prevention Resource Page

Scotland: Scottish Association for Mental Health Resources

US/UK: Crisis Text Line

Australia: Lifeline

US: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Netherlands: 113 Zelfmoordpreventie

Denmark: Crisis helpline

Norway: Kirkins SOS

Estonia: Eluliin NGO

Portugal: SOS voz amiga

Switzerland: Association Valaisanne Pour La Prevention du Suicide

Ireland: Pieta House

France: Suicide Écoute

Italy: Telefono amico Italia

South Africa: Lifeline South Africa

South Korea: Counsel 24

China: Beijing suicide research and prevention centre

Japan: Tell

Argentina: Centro De Atenciòn Al Familiar Suicida

Brazil: CVV

Chile: Telefono de la Esperanza

John Rattray’s Why So Sad? Campaign

During Pushing Boarders Malmö, we will be working with John Rattray to host his Why So Sad? campaign.

For the last three years John has been on an annual mission to raise funds and awareness around the issues of mental health and emotional well-being, as well as attempting to drive a more open dialogue around depression and suicide.

John’s campaign is dedicated to his sister, Katrina, and to Ben Raemers, both of whom lost their lives to suicide. All money raised goes to organisations working to reduce depression and provide access to tools, knowledge and services to improve our mental health.