Q. Who or what is Pushing Boarders?

A. Pushing Boarders is a collaboration between four socially-conscious skateboarding organisations: SkatePal, Long Live Southbank, Skateism & Re-verb Skateboarding.

Q. It’s an event right?

A. Yes (kinda!). What started as an idea for a one-off event has now grown into a much bigger concept and we have plans to expand Pushing Boarders into the future - stay tuned!

Q. What's the purpose of Pushing Boarders?

A. The aim of Pushing Boarders is to: 

  • Celebrate and spread awareness of the organisations and individuals doing amazing things using skateboarding around the world.

  • Shine a light on the smaller organisations often overlooked in the skateboarding media.

  • Encourage debate about lesser spoken topics in skateboarding.

  • Create better relationships between academia, skate NGOS and the skate industry. A platform for networking and sharing ideas between different fields and organisations within skateboarding

Q. Is the event really free?

A. Yes

Q. Are you making money out of the event?

A. No! Everyone involved in Pushing Boarders is working on a voluntary basis alongside their day jobs, purely for the love of skateboarding!

Q. I want to ask something else that you haven't explained properly...

A. No problem, drop us a line - info@pushingboarders.com