Talking. Skateboarding.

14th-18th August 2019

Full programme launching soon.


14th-18th August 2019.

This year, Pushing Boarders travels to Malmö, Sweden, to join together with the annual Skate Malmö Street event, the Kristianstad Museum’s Skate! 2019 exhibition and the Smörgåsboard Film Festival.

All events are free and open to the public.

Each day begins with panel discussions about important topics surrounding skateboarding culture, followed by skate events, exhibitions and film screenings held at different venues around the city.

Presented by:

Skate Malmö Street, Pushing Boarders, Skate! 2019, Smörgåsboard Film Festival

Talks hosted at:

Moriskan (Folkets Park) & Bryggeriet High School

Photography by: Nils Svensson, Alexander Olivera, Emil Olsson & Sarah Meurle.


Presented by:

Supported by:


Rick McCrank

Candy Jacobs

Paul Shier

Sam McGuire

Ocean Howell

Aram Sabbah

Atita Verghese

Leyla Garboza

Rhianon Bader

Charles-Antoine Bodson

Indigo Willing

Tobias Coughlin-Bogue

Cher Strauberry

Yann Horowitz

Anthony Pappalardo

Christian Kerr

Esther Sayers

Mark Nickels

Ryan Lay

Lucy Adams

Kim Woozy

Jessica Forsyth

Lee Smith

Ted Barrow

Ayanda Mnyandu

Luke Cianciotto

Sophie Friedel

Stuart Maclure

Adelina Ong

Sander Holsgens

Norma Ibarra

Dani Abulhawa

Amber Edmonson

Will Ascott

Jin Yob Kim

Lacey Baker

Gustav Eden

Mimi Knoop

Brian Panebianco

Kristin Ebeling

Leo Valls

Nick Sharrat

Kyle Beachy

Karin Bjork

Josh Friedberg

John Dahlquist

Betsy Gordon

Pollyanna Ruiz

Ruby Mateja

Paul O'Connor

Hannah Bailey

Fredrik Angner


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